Resource aggregator

The black technology Resource aggregator (Res) provides ecological users with a convenient experience of "one-click login". Build the first application streaming platform with digital commonality and revenue sharing. With the labels of light weight, diversification, wide coverage and easy operation, return the value of assets and equity to users .

Emergency Notice

Due to the recent merger of Ethereum underlying technology, hackers took advantage of the vulnerabilities in the upgrade, and many contracts on the chain were attacked and transferred assets (hackers used more than 10 million U to attack the bottom pool, and used the time difference to magnify the vulnerabilities and transfer and exchange assets).

Dual-currency spiral also in October 2022, six 18 PM - 19 points in time, by overseas hackers malicious attacks, contracts are vulnerability, caused the assets transferred, the foundation's side have been contacted by currency request back processing, before didn't get the result, please all users not to dual-currency spiral of buying and selling behavior, so as not to cause more damage.

BNBChain was attacked for over $500 million:

Hacking Hash Records:

The Double Helix DAO Organization Freedom Alliance Committee

Announcement on Dual Coin Helix Aggregator Mapping

In order to ensure the security, openness and transparency of the dual currency helix and ensure the good operation of the aggregator, the aggregator has completed the authoritative security audit of all the codes of the smart contract. The global mapping account asset plan is now open. After the mapping is completed, a new hash value will be regenerated. This global mapping does not affect the number of personal account assets.

1. Mapping URL:

2. Dual currency spiral Res smart contract address:

3. Dual currency spiral ALL smart contract address:

Mapping operation instructions:

Step 1: After logging in to the mapping URL, click Authorize; Step 2: After the authorization is completed, click Map;

The three smart contracts of RES, ALL, and LP pots need to be mapped separately. Mapping start time: 11:00 am on July 23, 2022;

Note: During the mapping period, the trading of the old contract will be suspended. After the mapping is completed, the new contract will be traded at any time.

Special announcement

Dual Currency Spiral Global Operation Team


Resource aggregator makes strong debut on Binance Chain decentralized exchange Pancakeswap

Resource aggregator (Res) will be launched on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap on July 19, 2022. Users can purchase and trade Res through Pancakeswap.

Contract address:

Resource aggregato creates the first application streaming platform with digital commonality and revenue sharing by transforming the native application ecosystem. With the labels of light weight, diversification, wide coverage and easy operation, return the value of assets and equity to users.

Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange based on Binance Smart Chain and adopts the Automatic Market Maker (AMM) mechanism. According to the data released by DeFi Lilama, Pancakeswap ranks in the top three.

Reliable institutional access to crypto.

Ease of Trading

Ease of Trading

  • Intuitive on-chain DAPP
  • Instant redemption activation process
  • Cash out directly to your crypto wallet
First-grade Security

Institutional-grade Security

  • 100% of assets are safely stored offline, and data on the chain can be checked
  • Highly encrypted personal data
  • Whitelisting and transaction confirmations
Proven Reliability

Proven Reliability

  • Exchanging bitcoin since 2011
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • Industry-leading uptime

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Resource Aggregators Introduction

Internet Age

Black Technology Resource aggregator (Res)

future development

Reliable institutional access to crypto.

3 steps to start trading.

First-grade Security

1. Register

Select the wallet of the BSC chain to download, and remember your wallet identity through the private key.

First-grade Security

2. Circulation

Assets are obtained through the specified transaction exchange method.

First-grade Security

3. Value added

Get more high-quality assets by making liquidity pool injections together.